When you want to make some quick money from home and want some cash in your hand fast a great way to go is to have a garage sale.

Most of us have tons of stuff accumulating in the house,garage or basement which we have kept "because I will use it some day". That someday may never come and you can easily release a pretty good amount of cash from all your "some day" items.

Advertise your garage sale in whichever paper in your area is used most for this purpose. Often it is the free ad paper. The deadline is usually early in the week for publication near the weekend. It is best to have your sale start on Saturday about 9 A.M. and go on for a few hours till the crowd drops off.

You will have several days to get your stuff all organised and priced. Please be sure to price everything if possible. You will sell a lot more than if it is all lieing around unpriced. Even a bit of masking tape is fine for a price tag. Price your stuff very reasonably if you want to sell a lot. People come to garage sales looking for bargains and if your prices are high they will just move on to the next sale.

It is not unusual for a good garage sale to raise several hundred dollars so this is a money making tactic which is well worth considering.

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