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Taking surveys for cash is one of the hottest money making opportunities on the Internet.

I began taking paid surveys a few years ago and I have been making a very good return by giving my opinion on consumer products and services.

Taking paid surveys has not made me rich. I never thought that it would but it has made me a steady nice income which has helped pay for a lot of things I could not otherwise afford. I never need to worry about money since I can just buckle down to taking some good well paid surveys and make the money I need.

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I discovered paid surveys when I was searching for ways to make money on the Internet. I discovered purely by accident a market research company that was offering $25 for filling out a survey form. This looked almost to good to be true but I needed to make some money so I decided to give it a try. It was a fairly long survey and took about 30 minutes to complete.

 I finished  the survey and emailed it to the company. I got back an email telling me that I would be mailed a check. I had a lot of doubts about this but there was nothing to lose after all.

To cut the story short,a couple of weeks later I did indeed receive a $25 check in the mail. Wow!  I was totally  elated.  It was actually that easy to get paid taking surveys.

 I immediately went into overdrive to find out how many surveys were available for me to make money with. I searched the internet and found that there were hundreds or in fact probably thousands of online survey jobs listed. There were also online forums where particpants discussed paid surveys and recommended those to take and those to avoid.

There are a lot of low paying surveys where you will get only $5 or less. Naturally you want to pick the top paying surveys.
I discovered that there are also a lot of scams in this business. Some sites just want your information to sell to marketing companies and will pay you little if at all. Others want to sell you products before you  can take part. Avoid these like the plague. You should never have to pay any money or buy any products.

Take Surveys For Cash; Paid surveys

By far the best solution is to join a paid survey membership site. These sites screen all the offers before sending them to you. They will remove any scams and low paying offers and send you long lists of good companies you can work with. You should register with as many of these companies as possible in order to get the maximum number of offers to participate in. Do not limit yourself to just one or two companies or you simply will not get enough offers to make a lot of money with.
You can make from around $5 up to $100 or more for each offer you complete. You can participate in focus groups and make up to $250 for your opinions.

Surveys can be about any kind of product or service and you can choose those you feel best about. You can get paid to use sample products and give your opinion of them. You can make money watching movies or trailers and giving your take on them. You might even get a mystery shopper job to shop at stores or restaurants and give your impression of them.
It is really easy and it can be fun. No matter where you are located you as a consumer qualify to take paid surveys. You can work from home and enjoy a very good income while being home with your kids. It can be the ideal job for a stay at home parent or for a retired senior.


The only real necessity is to have a continuous stream

 of offers being emailed to you so that you can select those you want to participate in. A paid membership site is really well worthwhile for this reason. You pay a fee to get started and that is it. You are off and running and can start immediately to make money.
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If you are a high school or college student, you could get paid taking surveys and put a nice bit of spending money in your pocket. Companies will pay you to give your  opinion on their products which could be anything from clothes to cars, cellphones, computers, music or just about any other type of merchandise.

Students are  particularly wanted to take surveys for money as they are the next generation of money earning adults to be coming to the market. Companies need to know what you like most, so that they can provide the products and advertising material specifically targeted to you. Obviously very few people will spend time filling out their surveys unless there is something in it for them. This is why they are willing to pay for your opinion!

You will get paid taking surveys with no obligation on your part - all these companies want is your honest opinion of their products. Your answers can be positive or negative as long as they are your honest opinion.You can take surveys for money in your spare time. You can be taking surveys in your lunch hour or between classes.

It is very easy to do. You just sign up on some  survey sites of your choice, and they will send you an email when there are surveys you  qualify for. Then you just you log in and answer their questions in the survey form. Most surveys will take perhaps ten to twenty minutes to complete. 

You should complete the surveys as diligently and quickly as possible to get paid taking surveys. A quick response is necessary because the company often has a deadline., A response will earn you a good reputation with the company, and you will as a result receive many  more offers. 

The best way to get lots of offers from companies that have been prescreened for reliability and honesty is to join a paid survey membership site. You will receive long lists of offers which you can depend on as being safe and worthwhile. Check it out here for lots of info: Cash for surveys




There are many online survey sites that will pay you to take surveys. However many people have difficulty in finding the sites which pay good returns of cash for surveys.

There are a lot of low paying sites on which you can get paid for online surveys but the amount is only around $3 or in some cases even less. Needless to say we would all like to be paid more than that for our time. There are ways however to make money taking surveys and to be sure you are getting the top dollar for your time. Here is how we find the best sites to make money taking surveys.

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1. Search the internet. Google,Yahoo,MSN and other search engines will show you hundreds or more likely thousands of offers where you can get paid for taking surveys. You can spend a little time sifting through them and find the offers that pay best. The main problem with this method is the multitude of sites which pay very little and the prevalence of scam sites which will try to sell you some merchandise before taking their survey. Run fast away from these. You do not have to buy anything or pay anything  to fill out surveys.

Some other sites merely want your information so they can sell it to marketers. If you encounter one of these you can expect lots of spam emails,marketing calls and snail mail junk.

2. Join a membership site. This will cost you a bit of money to start but the advantages are enormous. These sites screen all offers before submitting them to members and weed out the scammers and low paying junk offers.They will provide you with lists of excellent offers which you can use to make cash for surveys.

You should sign up with as many of these offers as you can so that you will get plenty of opportunities emailed to you. Don't restrict yourself to signing up for only one or two or you will not get enough chances to participate. Sign up for them all and go for the ones you like which will reward you best for your time.

3. Search forums for good online surveys which people are discussing. To find suitable forums just type in Google search: "forum:online surveys". This will bring up hundreds of forums with online surveys as the topic. Sift through them and see what surveys are being talked about as really worthwhile and also those to avoid. Another benefit is the archives of these forums. You can go back a long way and find a ton of information about getting paid for taking surveys.

These three ways will give you excellent results in finding ways to make cash from surveys. If you are looking for free online survey sites that pay cash via Paypal this is the way to find them and to weed out the scams and low return offers.There are many excellent free survey sites that pay cash via Paypal and joining a membership site is the safe and simple way to find them.

How much money can you expect to make when you get paid to take surveys? Well it depends on how much time you want to spend on it. You can make anything from a little pocket money to hundreds of dollars per month. It can be a good way to tide you over a rough financial spot or for a stay at home parent to make some pretty good money. It all depends on you and what your intentions are. You must register with as many sites as possible if you want to make money taking surveys. Don't limit your opportunities by only registering with a few comapnies. We strongly recommend spending the small fee required to join a good membership site which will keep you going with many good opportunities to fill out surveys.

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