If you are a high school or college student, you could get paid taking surveys and put a nice bit of spending money in your pocket. Companies will pay you to give your  opinion on their products which could be anything from clothes to cars, cellphones, computers, music or just about any other type of merchandise.

Students are  particularly wanted to take surveys for money as they are the next generation of money earning adults to be coming to the market. Companies need to know what you like most, so that they can provide the products and advertising material specifically targeted to you. Obviously very few people will spend time filling out their surveys unless there is something in it for them. This is why they are willing to pay for your opinion!

You will get paid taking surveys with no obligation on your part - all these companies want is your honest opinion of their products. Your answers can be positive or negative as long as they are your honest opinion.You can take surveys for money in your spare time. You can be taking surveys in your lunch hour or between classes.

It is very easy to do. You just sign up on some  survey sites of your choice, and they will send you an email when there are surveys you  qualify for. Then you just you log in and answer their questions in the survey form. Most surveys will take perhaps ten to twenty minutes to complete. 

You should complete the surveys as diligently and quickly as possible to get paid taking surveys. A quick response is necessary because the company often has a deadline., A response will earn you a good reputation with the company, and you will as a result receive many  more offers. 

The best way to get lots of offers from companies that have been prescreened for reliability and honesty is to join a paid survey membership site. You will receive long lists of offers which you can depend on as being safe and worthwhile. Check it out here for lots of info: Cash for surveys