Making money by working from home is the dream of many people. Mums of young children would in many cases like to stay home with the kids like their mother used to do. Fact is however that it is a different world now and most families need two incomes just to survive.

Unless dad has an exceptionally good income mum has to work just to balance the budget. It can be a strain on the family and the cost of child care is high.This means that not much of mums pay check is left after paying for childcare and perhaps a second car to get to work.Even with public transit, fares are costly and take another chunk out of the pay check.

The net result is that unless mum can earn a very good salary there may be little left to contribute to the household budget. Is there another way to do it?  Well if you surf the internet you will find a million money making ideas being promoted. Many of these will work if you have the technical knowledge to run a website and sell something for a profit. If you are not knowledgeable about that then you are out of luck.

You will also find lots of scams which will cost you money without earning you a dime. Are there any safe and good ways to earn some money online. Yes definitely. One of these which I found is almost ideal for a stay at home parent. You can make pretty good money by taking online surveys. I first tried this a few years ago and found that I was spending too much time surfing the internet to find paid survey companies that would offer me payment for completing their surveys. The hours  spent searching the internet were simply unproductive time with no money earned.

Then I found a good paid survey membership site. I paid them a membership fee and they gave me a questionaire to fill out. This enabled them to qualify me for the right kind of surveys. They then sent me lists of companies I could do surveys for and I could choose those I wanted and start making money right away.

I was a bit dubious but I gave it a try and filled out my first survey form. It was fairly easy. Just a lot of questions about my opinion of certain merchandise and what I would like to see available for purchase and so on. I emailed it back to the company and waited. Sur prise! Surprise! about 2 weeks later a nice check arrived in the mail.It didn't make me rich but now I knew this would work and I went at it full tilt and filled out dozens of surveys.

Soon I had a steady stream of checks coming monthly and belive me it soon worked up to be quite a nice little income for sitting at home and filling out forms.Check it out free with no obligation here: