When you need to make some money fast the simplest way to do it is to slle some items on Craigslist. Craigslist is a classified ad site which opeates in  all major cities in the USA and Canada.

Go to Craigslist online at www.craigslist.com or if you are in Canada go to www.craigslist.ca  You can sign in for a membership in order to run your ads. they have this all set up so that it is easy for you to do.

After joining up you can choose the city you want to run your ad in. Obviously you will want to choose your own city or the nearest city to you.

Then you just type in your ad and all your contact info and publish it on Craigslist. It will go live very quickly and you can be getting replies to your ad.

What can you sell? Well as the saying goes "one man's junk is another's treasure". Take a look at all the things you own and decide what you don't need or can do without. You can sell almost anything legal on craigslist but there are some exceptions so be sure to check their information on this. 

You can sell services as well as goods. so if you want to do a bit of lawn maintenance,gardening,yard cleanup,dog walking or whatever else you can do try it. you may be surprised at tjhe rsults and it costs nothing to advwertise on Craigslist.

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